Sunday, 31 October 2010

Steady does it.

This cyborg business is a learning game. If one thinks one map is all that is needed and you’re off to Bollywood, then you’ll have another thing coming.

I had two days of feeling on an absolute high. My mind was spewing out gallons of it, that by day 3 I had a meltdown. I was so darn tired, the old tinnitus came in waves and that was my calling card to go back to chillin.

Cranking up the volume beyond 12 o’clock and I got the old gravel in the mixer sound. Too much too soon for the old mind to tackle, so I reined myself in again.

Day 4 was a little better, still the volume was low, but gotta live with it till next map Monday.
But I were hearing new sounds!! The door creaked as I opened it and it jumped right at me and I looked at it in amazement. You have to realise that sounds you first hear through the CI sound so new and although a lot can be recognised if you’ve have a good memory bank, there’s always plenty of surprises in store.

I took a walk round my hometown and like the funniest thing happened. As I passed a house , this bird flew right at me in full flight and stopped like six foot from my face and with it’s beak wide open, let out the sweetest chirp I ever heard. I froze to the spot and watched it as it flew on pass to join its family on a tv aerial. Again I heard more chirping. I had run out of tears by then, so I stood there laughing at them. I’m sure the curtains twitched and I’m guessing I’ll now be known as ‘The mad robot.’ lol

Also I heard police sirens from like miles away. Pretty cool if you’re a baddie and need time to plan your escape. Lol

By Day 5, my tinnitus had reduced to hardly anything. Since my mind now has more useful to things to hear, I figured the old tinnitus has been kicked into touch.

Day 6 and 7 were like hearing stuff but I’m needing more volume..that’s gonna come on Monday’s 2nd map. Also hearing the dog bark is well weird at the moment, sounds like it's on helium.

So end of week one and the one thing that rocks around the clock is music. My old CD’s that had lain gathering cobwebs during my deaf sentence are now been brought back to life and I’m loving it.

Roll on week 2!


  1. Wow love the bird story it was just meant for you and the bikes well Ive seen a lot of them lately :) x good luck for tomorrow with your mapping turn it up and get high !x

  2. The bikes? I guess we must have been at the same place then ;) x thanks, tomorrow the world will be a lot noisier!! x

  3. In your dreams lol yeah im sure it will get noisier and more loud thats what you want x

  4. I'm living the dream then. lol

  5. Whoooo! :)

    You're enjoying the wonder of it all. You were quite hung up on the size of the CI and how it would look. What do you think now?

  6. Hi Tina,

    Well I can clearly see it as I look in the mirror. I can't hide hair to speak off. Only one thing to do is advertise it for all to see..educate all that I'm a cyborg and loving it.