Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Ah sweet...

I was back in Cambridge today for my 2 week post-op check.

First up was the X ray to check I hadn’t sneezed the implant out of my bum. X rays and implants are not a good mix. A bit like attempting to boil an egg in a microwave oven…psst have you tried that? Lol well, unless you want egg on your face don’t. tee hee

I told the lady at the reception desk, I had come for a x ray for my cochlear implant. No problem there..good. Soon the X ray man ushered me into the cook house. Again I said it is my CI your X raying, just so to protect my brain from ending up like scrambled eggs. No problem.. I had to face this white board with a cross on it. A red beam indicated my head was on target then
zap.. the picture was taken.

Soon as it began it was over. Then on to the Emmeline centre for the results and a quick chat with the nurse.

The nurse asked me the usual questions. Like ‘How you feeling, any problems?’ 'Nah, nothing a few beers can’t fix' I replied. ‘Still got your taste buds?’ she asked ‘Yeah, beer with fish and chips taste well nice' I said. She also checked in my ear‘ole and said all fine.

She then looked at the X ray as above. And beckoned me over to look at it. She zoomed in and showed me where the electrodes were. All sixteen are there, tucked up in the cochlear. I spotted one outside and she told me that was the earth one. So in the case of getting struck by lighting you are earthed . Wow, some reassurance that. Lol

She said it was perfect, with everything as it should be.

Ah, sweet that.


  1. Have you come back to Earth yet? lol. Good that you're not having any problems. Did they let you have your bag of jelly tots. Is that your xray in the picture? They told me I had to pay £40 if I wanted a copy of mine - thieving scroungers!

  2. Woohoo not long now till its fired up and you fry your brain! lol, no really its great just totally mental trip. That is a totally fab x ray, I havent seen mine but want a copy now!! You can see yer eyes, thats mad. Glad the beers working, not long to go now, cant wait to read what you think. x

  3. Hi, yeah it is my X ray and I did get a bag of Jelly tots..seriously. lol

    Folk have been telling me to expect nothing but beeps and whistles come switch-on day. My brain being what it is, will take to this like duck to water..I'm sure of it.

    Cocky ain't I? lol

  4. Good likeness with the X-Ray Clive! ;-)

    When I asked for my audiogram I was told ohhh we can't just give those out you need to ask the top dog. I suspect I will have to ask for a dat access that they can charge 10 squid for, that is a one sheet print-out!

    Anyway good that the fission chips tastes fine.

  5. Hi Ian,

    Well I had no problems getting copies of my audiogram either. Oxford you're with right? I thought they were good?

  6. Clive, it is some way off to actually get to the Oxford team. I will see an ENT guy at Aylesbury early Nov. No idea what they plan to do but it is the local hospital that is stubborn.