Wednesday, 18 August 2010

What's up doc?

In case you’re wondering where I am with getting my CI and bag of Jelly Tots.

I’ve done all my tests and have been invited to see the Surgeon 7th September. All being well, I should pass my GCSE, and gain membership to become a fully fledged cyborg. It’s only one ear they‘ll be doing, but hey,.. Rome wasn’t built in a day was it?

I have found my journey pre-cyborg to be frustrating to say the least. My hearing has never been this bad and seems to remind me almost on a daily basis just how pathetic it is.

You saw from the post Boyakasha that I failed the no face listening test miserably. Whenever I’m out in the street and some tourist comes up to me and asks for directions etc. I just want to hide behind the nearest bush or collapse and play dead. Then Google earth can come along, film it and spread it worldwide online. One way to get famous I suppose.

I had a strange guy come up to me the other day, and asked me if he could borrow a petrol hedge trimmer. I looked at him and thought he was nuts, for I wasn’t cutting any hedges or anything and asked him to repeat several times. Each reply sounded the same, so I suggested he see my mental health doctor and offered him the telephone number. He gave me a funny look and went on to ask someone else instead. It was only, when I saw him again standing beside his broken down car, that I realised what he was really asking for.............a petrol can!!!!!!!! Duh.

It’s pretty annoying when that happens and if you are like me, you will head for the nearest pub to drown your sorrows. Lol

So, here I am, waiting and waiting for the surgeons verdict. Throughout my tests, I’ve been asking how things are looking and the feedback has been in my favour. They like to turn things around within 16 weeks, so when I see the surgeon I would have notched up 11 weeks.

In fact, I got so impatient recently that I emailed them a begging letter to see if it would help at all.

I’m afraid to say it just fell on deaf ears.

Friday, 6 August 2010

What's Bugging Seth

Anyone here in the UK, seen this film?

If you have the DVD, fancy a spot of swap shop?